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Our man behind the curtain...

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…well, behind the wheel.

And…read through to the end…great opportunity to win a Presidents Day Weekend trip to Key West and fishing with Compass Rose Charters.

As many of you know, we love the gorgeous waters surrounding the keys. Whether it is just boating, floating the afternoon away, or tossing the lines out for some fish. If we’re on the water, it’s a great day.

Whenever we hit the waters for light or heavy fishing, we turn to Captain Mike Weinhofer at Compass Rose Charters.

First, a great back story.

Mike grew up on the Jersey shore running charters with his Dad out of Brielle and worked tournaments up and down the coast. He turned to a career in Finance up in NYC after his youth.

Have you ever had that moment when you look inward and say, “What the heck am I doing with my life?”

Well, Mike had one of those and took control. He moved to the lower keys in 1990 and started running charters with a single boat...a classic story of living the dream. 

He’s fished and worked with his neighbor, the late Jose Wejebe (Spanish Fly), hosted fishing shows on USRadio1, started and ran the KW sailfish tournament and the Keys Dolphin tournament. In fact, you’ll occasionally spot him and one of his boats on the Outdoor Network, working with SeaHunter boats in various tournaments.

He has run trips from Venezuela to Cuba, the Bahamas to Maryland, Outer Banks, and throughout Mexico…but the waters around KW are his backyard.

His charter company, Compass Rose, can support any type of fishing you’re looking for. We’ve run deep in the Gulf to fish the shrimp boats, off-shore for sail, dolphin and assorted species, permit, tarpon, flats fishing and so forth. While I’ve not done lobster dives, he can support that also.

Here are a few of our past adventures with Compass Rose:

Found Your Sailboat and a Few Cudas.

It's Gonna Get Rough.

Weekend Fishing Adventure.

I don’t know how many trips I’ve run with Mike over the last decade…but it’s the only call I make. The boats are well prepared, clean, and ready to make the day memorable.

But here’s what’s most important…he has a great attitude. If you are new to fishing, you’ll get instruction and patience and support to get you rolling. I was just rummaging through some internet comments about him and came across this from a couple months ago.

If you are experienced and looking for more intense action…then brace yourself. I hate to “screw one up”…he just looks at me and shakes his head like…”Come on Mike, you know better!” Ooops.

Special Opportunity

We’ve lined up something special for one of our site visitors this winter…half-day charter out to the Marquesas with Compass Rose charters…on us. It’s all set for Saturday morning, February 18th. Part of our incredible Presidents Day get-a-way, give-a-way!

Toss your line in and take a shot, just click here: Win it!

However, if you are heading there and looking for a great guide, a great guy and a great day of fishing…this is where it happens.

Sooo….take a breath, get yourself on down to Key West and catch a few.



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  • Rose on Oct 22, 2016

    Sounds like fun…..Compass Rose!

  • PAtricia on Oct 06, 2016

    I haven’t been fishing for Long long time… I would like to go fishing & want to catch big Fish like Sailfish? And I love Key West, 2!

  • Debbie DePaul on Oct 05, 2016

    Great looking clothes!