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Things To Do In Key West Right Now

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How’s everyone doing? 

We understand it is a challenging time for so many people. I expect each of us are doing what we need to “keep it stitched together”. For many, it may be the most challenging moments of their life. 

Thought we’d share a little about what’s what down here. 

On the upside, we sit about 70 miles above the Tropic of Cancer in the most tropical island accessible in the continental United States. The risk mitigation for the virus is about the same as other places, maybe a bit more diligent in wearing masks then other areas. 

All-in-all, the town is holding up well…maybe even a little on the sleepy side. 

No cruise ships, so the daytime people density is low, water is even more gorgeous and many establishments are open. 

We appreciate people stopping into our store and visiting a bit. Frequently we get asked…”so what’s there to do”. Actually…quite a bit, just at a bit of a slower pace these days. 

Here's our top ten...

1. Play musical chairs

Live music abounds and there are lots of ways to enjoy it. There are the usual suspects with outdoor music, all good. We like to mix it up a bit and catch the venue where one of our favorites are playing. So, if you’re up for live music, track down either Tim Hollahan, Nick Brownell or Rob Benton. Map it out, make an afternoon of it and see if you can hit all three. 

2. Paddle board/kayak mangroves

With such low boat traffic these past few months, the water is just exceptionally gorgeous. Our favorite is Lazy Dog over at Hurricane Hole marina. Plenty of quality boards and kayaks, knowledgeable staff, safe to lock up valuables, easy access to the channel, mangroves and “the riviera”. Plus, an outdoor bar/restaurant to refresh yourself after the trip. If you’re really adventurous, hit their yoga paddle board class. Then tell us about it, not so sure I’d make it through that class.

For those just wanting to “kick-back”, enjoy the views and toss it into a lower gear Sunset Pier is the perfect setting. There’s a Tiki Bar, crystal clear water, gentle breezes and fun people. (now you’d chime in and say “you had me at tiki bar”) Always great, local music on stage. Food is excellent, service fast and the beer cold. Actually, they do a great job on all of the beverages. Plus, friendliest staff on the island. Click here for the webcam. …if that doesn’t help the “chill-down”, not sure what would.

4. Bike The Town

The absolute preferred form of transportation on the island, but couple of unique reasons make it all the better. Low traffic around town makes it safer and the roads are pretty open. Easy exercise, and just about anyplace you would want to visit is accessible by bike. 

5. "Beach it" at Fort Zach

 Make an afternoon of it. The beach is open, fort and trails are open, and the café is open. You can rent lounge chairs and umbrellas, or just toss out a blanket. Florida State park rules apply on social distancing and masks. Here’s the link to the Fort Zach beach webcam. Check it out, pretty mellow setting.

6. Swing the sticks

Yep…golf sticks. You can rent sanitized clubs and enjoy a unique day at the Key West Golf Club. It’s a full, 18 hole, well maintained, 6500 yard course spread over 200 acres. Just cross the Cow Channel bridge and turn left. Actually, you could bike it. But, there’s no way you’d miss it. If you do, then keep driving north and consider yourself voted off the island. Here’s the link…Key West Golf.

7. Attend to the Fish

Small problem, the fish are in the dark on this whole virus situation. Key West waters have always been one of the great fisheries in the world. With such low density these past 5-6 months, the action is pretty strong. Lots of charters available with experienced captains. Genuinely…toss a line out. It’s “almost” a sure bet.


8. Find your sandbar

 Right outside our door are Fury Boat rentals. Actually, there are a few spots in town you can rent a boat for the day. Couldn’t be easier. Snag one and head out to Boca Grande for the day…pack a picnic, anchor up on the beach, swim or just take in the sun. Or head up to Snipe Keys in Waltz Key Basin, a local favorite. Or…just find your own sandbar and make it yours for the day.

9. Invent your own crawl

Some familiar venues are closed, have limited indoor access or no outside space. BUT…most do and are open. You’re gonna need to explore a little, but that discovery is part of the fun. This is your moment to let those creative, adventuresome juices roll free and create your own crawl. Then write about. If you get good at it, we’ll tee you up to start your own Crawl tour business!

10. Stay steady through a private ghost tour

This gets a little tricky and is not for the “faint of heart”. Starting with a twilight walk through the famous cemetery and visit the whispering tombstone, then take in the darkest street corner in KW and watch the unknown shadows dart across the street. Walk a few of the small, back alleys where Venkman & Stantz swear they’ve recorded positive readings. Then…go back to #9.

11. Visit Us

 Hey, take a few minutes and visit the happiest place in town…us! We’re at Zero Duval. The Rum Bar is closed for the time being, but the store has been getting a major “make-over”…so check in and let us know you’re in town!

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