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World Championships!

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Ice Baby…Ice. 

Ice might indeed just run through their veins, maybe yours too.

Imagine yourself blasting through the water in excess of 200mph, speeding around a 4.5 mile course in Key West Harbor as safely as you can. That’s lap 1. The route lined by spectators on pleasure crafts and 10 deep along the waterline. Do that about 7-13 times for up to a 57-mile race and you’ll be in the thick of the 39th Annual 2019 Key West World Championships.


As your imagination “revs-up”, you’ll also need a companion. It takes at least two people to commandeer these aquatic monsters. One to drive, the other to manage the throttles. Maybe even a third to navigate. Heck, since we’re taking our imagination t­hrough the paces, figure on that powerboat and all associated expenses cresting 7 figures.

The real stuff is happening this week right off the waterfront at Sunset Pier/Ocean Key Resort in Key West. First race is Wednesday the 6th, last is Sunday the 10th, but the activities are throughout the week.

This is one of the most impressive displays of pure race boat power, design and engineering in the United States. If you get the chance, swing on through.

Partly in the water, partly airborne, sitting in the cockpit where the slightest miscalculation could be very consequential, you get an entirely different perspective on what “keeping your cool” means to these racers. Add to that the logistics challenges of extra motors, spare drives, transom assemblies, tools, pit crews, transportation and everything you might imagine.

If you are coming to town, or are here, visit us at Sunset Pier. We not only have the best venue to watch the races (ok, maybe one of those yachts out in the harbor would be pretty cool) but the Sunset Tiki Bar with all of the “cold beverages and fix-ins” you’d want is pretty darn inviting.

This year, Sunset Pier/Ocean Key Resort and Madda Fella have teamed up to dedicate our Surf Shack on the pier to some pretty comfortable “gear” to commemorate the 39th Key West Championship. Drop in, or just click here. We’ll be shipping it out of Key West, so we may be slightly on “island time”, but we’ll get it to you within in a few days.


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