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...what a year - Thank You!

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We clicked past our first full operational year last weekend. It’s been chock full of wonderful people and tremendous customer support. 

For us, and many of our customers, it’s about more than clothes. It’s lifestyle and building a positive attitude towards life, adventure and…challenging you just a little more each day. 

Here’s the year 1 snapshot:

Incredible customers in every state, plus Australia.

Opened our flagship relationship with the fantastic team at Ocean Key Resort in Key West. They also hosted our photo shoot last year…as always, thank you to our Key West partners.

Top-line retailers in 9 States carrying our line, which we thoroughly appreciate and are grateful for their support.

Opened a pop-up store in Georgetown\DC for the last holiday season. We received a wonderful welcome, had repeat customers and learned a lot about retail.

Brought on board our chief licker and mascot, Ella. 

Received wonderful feedback on our products, with the Castaway shirts and Ernest Linens flying off the shelves. Also, we get very few returns and strive for 110% customer satisfaction.

Featured our line on the local CBS affiliate. 

Launched our first marketing tie-in with our friends at Heavy Seas beer and are supporting their Blunderbuss Music Festival on June 11th. Jump in and join the contest for a treasure chest of beer and clothes! (

We also published our first “Manifesto”…which is a compilation of our favorite quotes, pictures and journal entries. (

We have received wonderful comments and notes from our customers like this one:

My husband has ordered 3 shirts from Madda Fella and they are the best shirts he has ever owned…we recommend them very highly!”

 Thank you Dolores!!!

…and great pics from customers wearing our clothes…like these from Dave in Chile and Marc & Lilly on the Florida beaches. 

We keep this journal page current with our wanderings, adventures or if there is something interesting we’d like to share. They range from the serious, such as following our friend and heroine Kim Stemple (, to a few unique adventures we’ve had, such as this late night run in Costa Rica (

Next up is our summer line which we will be premiering on our website this week!

We are having fun and will continue building something great…more then clothes… we are about lifestyle, inspiration, and embracing that swashbuckling attitude towards life! 

Most of all…we appreciate you. Thank you for being part of our extended family!


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