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Key West Crossword Challenge

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Let’s flex that ol’ brain muscle of yours and test your “working” knowledge of Key West and the area.

The game is pretty simple.

Rules are also pretty simple…there are no rules.

Go for it…by yourself or with your "bestie" that you're holed up with. Do it in one sitting, it won’t auto-save. Meaning you can't go back where you left off.

Click on the link and go. When you think you’ve got it…push submit.

Get it "knocked out" and we’ll have a $10 prize back out to you. Just allow about 24 hours for that cycle. One prize/person for correct submissions! We know most people have multiple emails. Pirate honor system. ;-)

Let’s see how you do…

- Online version below

- To open in a downloadable browser format, click here.

Grand Prize winner (drawing of all correct submissions once we’re all past this damn virus) will get either A. $100 gift certificate, or  B. a $100 credit at the Madda Fella Rum Bar in Key West (that should hold you a couple rounds).

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