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It’s a tremendous team…

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Whew…thought we’d take you behind the scenes for a snapshot into our company.

It truly takes a powerful team to bring everything together. (Backstory)

From our fabric designs and selections, to creating our photo collections to building the network to reach you…each step has a thousand grains of sand that build the mosaic.

As we revamp our website and open for international commerce, thought we’d give you the behind the scenes look at our team, and the snapshot of how it all comes together.

First up…it takes 6 months to build a collection.

We start with initial concepts on fabrics, styling and how certain items align with other pieces in the collection. For example, should we go with 100% cotton, use a blend such as cotton/cashmere, at what proportions, etc. Let’s take this a little deeper. As a rule, we pre-wash all of our fabrics. Within washings there are numerous options…stone wash, sand wash, enzyme wash, acid wash, oil wash…all create a different texture to the fabrics.

Our objective is to build a product that has that sundrenched, “lived in” look and feel, yet be new and fresh. We create a level of softness and comfort by working the fabrics at the mill stage, prior to the cutting and seamstress stage. (One tidbit…it takes about 3 yards of fabric to create 1 shirt.)

Oh…and we’re doing this with mills across the globe.

Let me stay on this for a moment. We love US based suppliers, and have been working to identify and vet companies to work with domestically, at reasonable price points and meeting our quality requirements.

It is incredibly challenging sourcing vendors with outstanding needle quality (skilled workers), stitching and assembly of the item, quality of the weaves and so forth. (One more tidbit…the USA imports $80B in apparel/year but only exports $6B. Now that’s a real gap.)

In the midst of the design process, we go back and forth with samples, feedback, recut and back again until we get the fabrics, sizing and cut right.

Once that entire process is complete…we get them here via air or water, through customs in New York, then trucked to our distribution center in Lynchburg, VA. From that location, we can reach two-thirds of the US population with 2-day ground shipping.

Our phones are also answered right there at the Center by some very kind ladies with a certain southern charm.

But the most important piece of the puzzle is you. Reaching you.

We’re a small business (with a big heart). Actually, many days it’s quite a bit like “David vs. Goliath”. We develop our lines in small lots. Once we run out…well, it will likely be a year before we bring an item back.

We launched in May 2015 with no customers.

We started with a trade show down in Orlando (built our own booth), and mailed out our first catalogue. In these first 16 months, we’ve had over 6,000 customers put trust in us. And we are very grateful.

Everything you see and read is designed and written by us…usually at 4:00 in the morning. Same with our clothing…all designed in-house.

We created the brand to build on the relaxed environment of Key West, the warmth of the people and the abundance of sunshine and crystal clear waters. It’s not just our love of an island and beach lifestyle, but the vast playground that the surrounding waters bring.

If you’ve had a chance to follow us, then you know…we thoroughly enjoy a great day on the water, time with friends (new and old), happy hour at a Tiki bar, and a great adventure.

Our mission is to bring that warmth and kick-back attitude into your closet.

It goes a little further…we are also driven by making a difference.

Whether it’s in the charities we support, how we live our life or how we craft our messages to you.

Keep track of us on our website or social media…sometimes it’s about the clothes, sometimes it about encouraging you to live life now.

We’ve sure learned one thing…none of us are getting out of here alive, so make the most of each day we have and make a difference in one person’s life today.

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  • Bing Bingham on Apr 09, 2017

    Great story. My music partner and longtime friend, Joe Knowlton, and I are big fans and customers. Would love to put your graphic on our store page (see as our sun and adventure outfitters. Let me know and thanks. Best, Bing