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The Perfect Gift, For Even the Most Particular Dad

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  1. The Beach Bum -

We all know that dad, the one who’s got a permanent tan line from his sunglasses and just doesn’t seem comfortable in shoes and socks. Sure, he just got back from Siesta Key last month but he’s already counting down the days until he’s on Kiawah Island in a few weeks. He prefers a lounge chair to a rolling chair, an ocean view to the corner office, and If You Like Pina Coladas over elevator music. He’s a beach bum and when he’s not putting in 40 hours behind his desk he’s setting his sights toward the coastline. So, why not treat him to a pair of our Castaway Drawstring Shorts that make the transition from suit and tie to swim trunks smoother than the margarita in his hand. They pair perfectly with our signature Castaway Shirts and were created with the tide in mind.

  1. The Grill & Spill Master -

That gas fueled, stainless steel box in the backyard is his domain – and everyone knows it. From the rubs and marinades to the perfect eye for knowing just when to flip those burgers over. He’s the kebab king, the head hotdog honcho, and the gas-grilling master but admittedly – being the chef de cuisine can get a little messy. He’s no stranger to mustard stains, grease marks, and the occasional singed sleeve. That’s why our Long and Short Sleeve Marquesas Graphic Tees are perfect for this pops – available in several colors, pre-shrunk and machine washable which means when the ketchup hits the fan you can rest easy knowing they won’t fall apart in the spin cycle.

  1. Rip Van Wrinkle -

Maybe he just woke up from a well-earned nap, or maybe he just finished a long list of Honey-do’s…either way, his outfit tends to be a long way away from well ironed. Your mom says his shirt was wrinkled the day they met, and you believe it because he’s never been a big fan of the Permanent Press Setting. Being a dad is a full-time job though and who has time to stand behind an ironing board? That’s why Plaid is the perfect pattern for this dad, bright colors and crossed designs help hide wrinkles and give a casual look that is perfect for almost any occasion. From the Harbormaster, the Ernest, The Mallory – short or long sleeve, our plaid button-downs are made with oxford cotton that holds up, is machine washable and make looking stylish simple.

  1. The Island Executive –

He’s a force in the boardroom, a real go-getter who got where he is through hard work, determination, and an attitude that’s reserved for those who want success- but that doesn’t define him. No, this dad knows that the real meaning of success is knowing when to work hard and when to play hard. He knows better than anyone that life is all about balance – that’s why he’s not afraid to mix business and pleasure, to run the markets and then order a round on him. He’s not timid when it comes to a well-tailored blazer but he’ll admit he owns more than three pairs of board shorts. Penny loafers or flip-flops? He can climb the ladder to the top in either. There’s no denying that the Gulf Street Linen Blazer and Beach Pants were designed with him in mind, which is why they’re the perfect gift for him this Father’s Day. Soft, breathable linen with a classic three-button style and chest pocket – life can be a balancing act when you’re running the show.


  1. The Happy Hour Aficionado –

He’s your dad: a figure you’ve long respected for his sage advice, excellent guidance, and commitment to hard work – but he’s also taught you the value of knowing when to take it easy. Come Friday at 5pm he’s not afraid to loosen his tie and step behind the bar to mix things up for friends and family. That stoic figure who made you afraid to break curfew is suddenly the man of the hour, working the room like a cruise director. Whether it’s the in-laws, the neighbors you see twice a year or that significant other he couldn’t quit get on board with – he’s making sure everyone knows happy hour is for being happy. And to make that happen he needs a shirt that’s as bright and colorful as his personality and our signature Oxfords fit the bill. Short or long sleeve, this classic look takes a tropical turn with Caribbean Blue, Tequila Sunrise Red, and Key Lime colorways.

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