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…when it’s time, we’ll see you back here.

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The town has pretty much shut down. Everyone following guidance and looking out for each other.

As a small business, we appreciate all of your support.

Take a few minutes, explore our site, as well as dig into some of our past journals, explore our “Shots of the Day” (see how many locations you can ID), and check-out a few of our local videos.

When it’s time, we’re looking forward to you getting back here. When you do, toss a few of these on your “local hit list”.

Foremost, Key West is a social town. This island not only knows how to throw a party like none other (looking at you, Fantasy Fest), but has more than 300 bars packed into a 2x4 mile island. We take our social time seriously. Well, maybe seriously is the wrong word - we usually don't take anything very serious. (Except this damn virus)

Beyond the bars, this island is built on togetherness. It's built into the fabric of our community. From our island motto of "One Human Family," to the reality of the Coconut Telegraph (news spreads fast on this rock) Key Westers are always coming together.

With the changing tides of our current situation, it's time to take a look at what Key West can offer up besides the bars and parties and parades.

The other bars – Sandbars! A short boat ride into the Backcountry waters off of Key West will take you to many of the most beautiful and serene beaches anywhere if you time the tides right. Snipes Key, Marvin Key, Boca Grande, and Jewfish Basin are among our favorite places to practice social distancing even before it was cool.

A leisurely stroll through Old Town – it’s really old. There’s a lot to see in old Key West. The heart of the island is filled with one of the largest concentrations of registered historic landmarks anywhere, not to mention wooden home architecture – many of which were built by the early shipbuilder settlers and are still standing. Take special note of the unique gingerbread ornamental lattice work and don’t forget to breathe in the smells of ripe frangipani flowers as you take your time lazily exploring.

Explore a Fort of solitude. Key West is home to several Civil War era forts, including Fort Zachary Taylor. Located inside a state park, this unique fort is open for exploration with a small entry fee that includes parking. And a bonus is it’s adjacent to the locals favorite beach with swimming access and plenty of room for distancing. It’s also home to the “real” southernmost point.

Gone Fishin'. Since it’s earliest days Key West has been known as one of the world’s best places to fish. With local waters still ripe with a variety of species both for food and sport, The Keys offer many opportunities to put a little distance between you and the land while dropping a line.

Feel like you’re standing at the edge of the world on the end of the White Street Pier. If you started rowing due east from that exact point, you’d hit the Bahamas, then a long stretch across the Atlantic to Western Sahara.

Stroll through the historic above ground cemetery. Only the chickens and iguanas will be your company. And, of course, the happy spirits of past Key Westers.

Learn to meditate with the ocean. The colors of the sea surrounding Key West have been known to calm, awe, and heal. Take a few quiet moments on a perch overlooking the turquoise to feel the power.

Stay safe, but you know what to do. We’ll need you to “come on back”…and hopefully pretty soon!

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