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…found your sailboat, and a few “cudas”.

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Found that sailboat you’ve been looking for…

All that you need to do is get the water out of it. 

Here you go: you’ll need to get yourself to the Marquesas Keys (24°34′19″N 82°07′10″W), then head NE. You’ll find it. It just needs a little bailing out.

Of course, the local inhabitants may want to battle you for it. The wreck is a fascinating sanctuary of fish and aquatic wonders in crystal clear waters.

Our mission that day was to hit the wrecks off the Marquesas and see what might happen. We took the bay boat out of Key West and headed for the Boca Grande Channel and zoomed about 20 miles west for some exploration and fishing. Small plug for our KW charter team: (

A little background first.

The Marquesas are an uninhabited island group that’s a little over 11 sq. miles. That also includes Mooney Harbor, which is really more of a lagoon. North Beach, which as you may surmise is on the north side of the Marquesas, is easily accessible with several access points into Mooney Harbor. Or navigate the parameter and find the spot that suits you.

This environment is great for snorkeling, diving, kayaking, bird and dolphin watching, beach sitting, and fishing.

Genuinely, take a day trip or plan an overnight camping trip. Gorgeous waters, abundant wildlife and the perfect way to spend the day as a Castaway and leave the world behind---(

We had just wrapped up a frustrating day of Tarpon fishing and decided to go for Permit-“The Grey Ghost of the Flats”. These guys are tough, and smart and one of the most difficult fish in the world to catch. They fire on all of their senses and are just plain elusive and fickle.

Catch one and it’s bragging rights...and grilling rights.

The ride out was calm seas and picture perfect skies and waters. Open throttle, just hold onto your caps. As we approached the first wreck we slowed to a crawl, then a gentle drift. Eye’s peeled searching for permit. You really need to visually spot them (best if they are schooled up), artfully present a small crab and hope for the best. A few passes…nothing. Off to the next wreck, and there’s a bunch of wrecks in these waters.

The same sequence except we spot a few barracuda.

We decide to get the skunk out of the boat and snag a few catches. While not good for the table, ‘cudas are fun to catch.

Cast with a lure, reel in fast and bam. All the action is on the surface. You can see the ‘cuda, sometimes 3 or 4 of them, give chase to the lure and just slam it a few yards from the boat. The lines fly hard with the bite and just a fun fight.

We move on and find the highlighted wreck and search long and hard for those pesky Permit. Except for a passing Cobia, which had no interest in feasting on our bait, it was mostly barracudas and sunshine.

Even at that, a fun day…plus a chance to explore the Marquesas.

But more importantly…

…we found your sailboat. (You’re welcome!)

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