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Trip of a Lifetime Hiking Kilimanjaro With My Kids

A Dad, His kids and a summit One team. One fight. Closing in on 19,341 feet. We truly are, all...

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The Old Man and a Sea

What I learned fishing with my dad in the Galapagos 0.30.35° S, 89.43.64° W (just below the equator) The sand...

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Conch Republic Independence...Update and the Backstory

The new dates for the celebration of Conch Independence this year are November 27 - December 6. It's always a fun...

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Key West Lockdown Photos

Be smart. Be safe. And're important. There will be some life reset once we're all past this...and we'll see...

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29 Favorites about Key West.

For the “Leaplings” celebrating their actual birthday this year, here are our 29 favs about Key West. These are in...

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World Championships!

Ice Baby…Ice.  Ice might indeed just run through their veins, maybe yours too. Imagine yourself blasting through the water in...

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