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Labor Day –   140 Years of Change

Imagine yourself in New York City, 1882. It’s Tuesday, September 5th. The labor movement is making strides and a moment...

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Guayabera – The Distinctive Shirt 

When it comes to warm humid weather, the people who live closer to the tropics know what to wear to...

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Summer Essentials

It’s that time of year, transitioning from spring’s April showers and May flowers to the hot steamy summer months now...

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Best (or Worst) Dad Jokes

Everyone loves a good joke. One that gives you a surprising funny zinger. The kind that you can’t wait to...

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Father's Day Gifts Dad Will Love

Probably the most difficult person to buy for in your family is your dad/hubby. You want to get him something...

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12 Best Hemingway Quotes and a Fascinating Tidbit

Ernest Hemingway was one of the most highly acclaimed novelists/journalists of the 20th Century. He served in World War I,...

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