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2023 Key West Offshore Boat Race Championships

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Race Start


Sunday, November 5th, running through Sunday, November 12th, Key West is proud to play host to one of most exciting events you will ever experience, the 2023 Race World Offshore Championships. 

Key West and the high-speed boats are ready for a festive week full of fun, excitement, and most of all thrilling racing. Crowds are always huge, and on race days, line Sunset Pier, Mallory Square, the Hyatt, and other locales across the harbor. 

This eight-day celebration features some of the fastest racing boats in the world, but soooo much more. 


Two Boats Racing

As each race approached you could feel the anticipation as folks angled for the best view. You could not only hear the power of the engines, literally, you felt their power. You heard them coming in the distance, then the engines screamed as they passed just 50 to 100 feet off shore as the crowds cheered them on. 

Crowd with boat by Sunset Pier

On race days, folks started lining up early, getting a good spot to watch. We got a nice spot right on Sunset Pier. By 10 am, the pier was jumping and the practice runs concluded. Now, racing was on. 

There are many different race classes, from the Bracket class, through the Super Stock and Super Cat classes, that can reach speeds of 110 to 140 mph.  And if you need even more speed, check out the Class 1 races. These bad boys are built for ‘super speed’, racing up to 160 mph.

Crowd close up

When any of these racing beauties pass in from of you, you can feel the fillings shaking in your teeth, and your drink vibrating in your hand. 

The teams that work these incredible machines have spent years training, studying, testing, and retesting to get their boats ready. One thing that is paramount is the safety of the crew. At these speeds, a split-second miscalculation, a sudden change in wind speed or direction, or the ever-changing water can create havoc. 

Crashed boat

A few years back there were some tense moments when a boat flipped completely. The crew was inside while the boat floated helplessly upside down in the water. Immediately the emergency boats that line the course were in action and turned what could have been a disastrous event into a lifesaving rescue.

Another challenging factor is the speed these boats are traveling, just skating across the water within feet of each other. One slight miscalculation or sudden change in the water/wind itself can send boats into each other, damaging the boat, and could result in injury (or worse) to the crew. 

Boat ElevatingBoat in air with prop

It is an extremely dangerous sport, but teams like M CON, JBS Racing, FJ Propeller, Illicit Motorsports, and so many others dedicate themselves to this thrilling, and rewarding sport.  

Other Events – MORE FUN!!!

For fans, this is a week-long ‘happening’. In addition to the racing, Key West itself puts on quite a show.  On day 1, November 5th, they get things started with a boat parade on the world-famous Duval Street. Here, you can get a close-up look at all the racing participants riding on/with their majestic boats greeting the fans and sometimes tossing out a few trinkets as well. It is a can’t-miss event.

Each day/evening there is a scheduled party at a local establishment. 


Truman Waterfront Park is home to Race World Offshore race village, always a hub of activity. Here you can pick up some great gear and souvenirs. Oh, and the Park’s Amphitheater hosts concerts, on Thursday, and Saturday nights. 

Win trip auction

Of course, there are hundreds of other activities that make Key West a special vacation spot every day. Enjoy fishing, kayaking, jet skiing, snorkeling, shopping, and of course, the Key West nightlife with live music across the island at almost every restaurant and bar. 

Key WestBird

Whew, sounds like one heck of a fun week! Speaking from experience, it is!! For more information about this event, the racing schedule, parties, etc., check out the Racing World Offshore website.

While you are here, stop by our Madda Fella store in the Ocean Key Resort and say HI. We would love to see you. And look for our Surf Shack on Sunset Pier, right next to the Sunset Pier Tiki Bar.


Come visit. Enjoy the racing, the Key West tropical vibe, and have yourself a spectacular week!!!

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