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...better than no breath at all.

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If you happen to make your way down to Key West these days, most folks will tell you the place to be is anywhere and everywhere on Duval Street. We certainly won’t debate that, with happening spots speckled along the pavement like Sloppy Joes and Willie T’s. They are definitely institutions - but there’s one oddly named watering hole just a bit off the beaten path that nobody has ever seemed to have a bad time at.


Just a stone’s throw from the water, on the corner of Front & Tift, is the eclectically named Hog’s Breath Saloon - providing heavy pours and quality times since 1988. Don’t let the name deter you because as longtime owner Jerry Dorminy likes to remind customers, “Hog’s breath is better than no breath.”

Honestly, who could argue with that logic?

Certainly not the locals, many of which have continued to flock there since they moved the place from its original Ft. Walton Beach location over three decades ago. Opened there in 1976 the bar quickly became a stopping off place for locals, tourists, and military folks from the base nearby. But Dorminy was looking for something a little different, so he headed down south - way down south, to the Keys. There he found the perfect mix of day drinking, nightlife, fish fanatics, and water sports. He made the move and for 30 years the rest has been history.

These days the bar’s walls are speckled with old license plates, dollar bills, stickers and patches from all over the U.S and more. From the raw bar to the main stage, the back bar and even the party room, there’s no missing the popularity of this beach pub. Whether folks find it by mistake wandering around town or spot it among the many “Top Ten Lists” that it stays at home on – there’s no shortage of good times.

The Hog’s Breath has also become a major music destination bringing in several big acts a year and keeping crowds around with signature cocktails, a delicious menu and banquet rooms that are perfect for almost any type of event. You’d be hard-pressed to walk into this off the water spot and not see at least a handful of bachelors, birthday partiers and brides to be.


In recent years the Hog’s Breath has been on the move, popping up a second location in Destin, Florida – still offering an unforgettable experience (and might we add a mighty fine Key Lime shooter.) So whether you are working your way down the panhandle or find yourself all the way down south The Hog’s Breath will welcome you with open arms.

Most importantly, don’t forget your world famous Hog’s Breath t-shirt on your way out the door – honestly, they might not let you leave without one. The stenciled out pig’s head can’t be missed but can be found from down the block all the way across the pond in Dublin, Dubai, and Beijing.

Don’t believe us? Just check out the gallery or better yet the live cam. Or, our recommendation, get down to the Hog’s Breath today.

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