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Camping But Glamorous

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Glamping...For when you want to “rough it” but don’t want to actually “rough it.”

Ever heard of it? Take glamorous and camping and put them together and you’ve got glamping! This isn’t camping for those who like sleeping on the ground and sharing a bathroom with several other campers at a community shower house. This is camping for those who want the Ritz Carlton (that may be a stretch), but want to sleep amongst the stars and wildlife.

 Glamping is also an eco-friendly way of travelling. Most glamping sites have taken great strides to disrupt the environment as little as possible. They have taken a lot of precautions to ensure that they minimize the social, physical, and psychological impacts of being where they are. 

There’s a real “Swiss Family Robinson” feel to the whole thing. I recently went glamping in the Acadia National Park area and the experience, albeit cold in the morning, was nothing short of magical. Literally the best shower I have ever taken. Each glamping tent includes bedrooms, a small kitchen, a large table to gather, a full bathroom, and a lovely covered porch.

The structure itself is pretty neat. The “tent” sits on a wood platform. The framework is built out in solid metal poles here! And then covered with some super durable canvas. From my calculation it would take about $15k to make, so if anyone is looking for an investment opportunity...I’d suggest putting up some glamping tents and charging $400. You’ll make your money back in no time!  

It was low 40s at night while I was there, the space heaters were a help, but it was a little frigid at night! If you are going to stay at a glamping site in colder temps definitely make sure they provide some heat!

Being an avid camper myself, I love waking up to the crisp outdoor air, but I can definitely say there’s something extra nice about being able to experience that in a legitimate bed. The covered porch was a favorite for morning coffee and games of chess or Goats Doing Yoga. Haven’t heard of Goats Doing Yoga? It’s like Jenga but with wooden goats. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Glamping amenities have started popping up in several places, and they are becoming total “Instagram-worthy” spots.

 Here’s a round-up of some of our favorites we found while perusing the internet:

 Salvaje Glamping in Colombia

 9 Hornbills Tented Camps in Thailand

Conestoga Ranch in Utah

Fossatun Camping Pods in Iceland

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