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Fishing With Dogs

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I think I’m right here…most dogs love the water.

Our Ella is the leader of that pack. A recent quiet Sunday morning, Grace and I decided to hit the beach and do a little (very little) fishing and give Ella some “breathing room” to romp.

When not in Key West, which has its own “dogs only” beach” (next to Louie’s Backyard), here’s our top 5 reasons to take your dog (or just borrow one) to the beach.

  1. It’s good for your soul. There is a true meditation quality to calm ocean waters, a rising sun, your ever-present sidekick and a fishing rod. With or without the dog and fishing rod, find that quiet beach and reflect on what’s good and right. No fake news on your beach. Actually, no news at all.


  1. Something new to lick.This little guy was back in the water in seconds. But not before Ella showed her immense concern that maybe Nemo was indeed lost on her beach. Or, for the more curious, “hey, this sure doesn’t taste like a dog popsicle.”


  1. Dogs “gotta” run. Ya know, maybe we all need to stretch the legs a little also. But the basics of “pooch management’… they all need that morning walk/run/etc. Somehow, you just can’t help but join in when the lead dog picks up the pace. (Does that count as the daily cardio?)


  1. Might find that hidden pirate treasure. Just never know what treasures await a few feet down. With that amazing sense of smell, we believed a true treasure was moments away. I guess we need to redefine what “treasure” may mean to each of us. Truthfully, was expecting a little more than a sand crab. Come on Ella…dig deeper!


  1. Easy to teach surf casting. I thought maybe she’d give it a try…she was certainly very engaged in the process. You might say, “an eager learner”! But then a seagull came along and…well...that darn canine ADD.


Most calendars have the “dog days of summer” starting about now. Find that quiet spot, toss some water in the mix, kick back for a stretch…smile, relax and be glad we’re all still on this journey.

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