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Our Top 7 Spots to Enjoy a Cold Beer

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Since the Bavarian monks perfected brewing about 1,000AD, global consumption of beer has grown to a little over 2 billion bottles per year.

We’re interested in just one beer.

And…that favorite spot to sip on it.

As you enjoy National Beer Lover’s Day (or weekend), here's our team’s top 7 (or so).

(Talk about conflict…we started with a pretty extensive list and had to go through Iowa Caucus style voting to get to these finalists. An “uno más” snuck onto this list…oops.)

Our only criteria were that you had to have done it, thoroughly enjoyed it, and are “thirsty” to get back.

Here are our favs…where’s yours!?

Sunset Pier Tiki Bar, Key West: Absolutely nothing more classic then a cold one here. Kick back and enjoy the band, maybe dance a little, and catch one of the most gorgeous sunsets on earth. At the base of Duval, can't miss it. 

Mud Keys, Waltz Key Basin (24° 40’ 11.96”, 81° 42’ 9.75”): On a boat, with a bunch of friends, sunshine, gentle breezes, knee-deep crystal clear water, …just pure chill. There are plenty of gorgeous spots in this area to settle back with friends, tie-up together or just stake out a spot and just appreciate the day. 

Miss Mae’s, New Orleans: The beer is semi cold and comes in a plastic cup. It's a classic dive bar, but open 24 hours! When you’re in NOLA and looking for that perfect spot to stretch the night into the morning into the afternoon…here ya go.

Landing Strip, Golfito, Costa Rica: After a full day of travel, a white knuckle landing on a spit of a landing strip nuzzled between Golfito Bay and the mountains, that cold Imperial has been well-earned. Just watch out for the free-range chickens.

Soggy Dollar, Jost Van Dyke: Yep, we know it’s home to the Painkiller. But…after a day on the water, just drop the anchor in White Bay and wade on in. This place defined the word “laid-back’. It’s neighbor, Foxy’s, get pretty raucous on New Year’s Eve. You just may need a “bigger boat”.

Scott’s Tiki Bar (location not disclosable): Well, you’d have to be willing to knock out the back wall of your house and convert it to a private Tiki Bar. That alone should get you on this list. With diligence, one or two cold ones over the years, and a creative streak that won’t end…this classic is hand built, and the perfect spot for a few friends to catch-up. Ok, Ok…it’s on Fenwick Island in Delaware. Bring cash.

Revolution Bar, Tijuana, Mexico: You had to be there. Plenty of “character” and “characters”, a little on the skanky side, but hey…if you’re crossing the border after midnight and looking to go local…that’s local not “loco”, then enjoy. Don’t go alone.

The Square Grouper, Jupiter Inlet: Ah…come on. Not just famous, but a lot of fun. It’s where Alan Jackson filmed the video for “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”. Adjacent to Castaways Marina (inspiration for our Castaway line). Plenty of space, great staff, excellent live music…cold beer and more.

Of course, the essence of a great cold beer sits with the people you are with. May you be blessed with a few good friends to share it with.

We’ll leave you with an Irish Toast…

There are good ships,
and there are wood ships,
The ships that sail the sea.
But the best ships, are friendships,
And may they always be.

Be safe.

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