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Best Mojito in Key West…Seriously.

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Building the perfect mojito is a craft.

Plenty of establishments whip “em” out with a simple syrup and a few pinched mint leaves.  That’s fine, if you’re looking for a production drink at a bar three deep where you can barely get anyone’s attention.

Acclaimed as the Best Mojito in Key West, the talented bar team at the Madda Fella Rum Bar at Ocean Key Resort perfected this classic 3 years ago. Enjoy!

A little background on this famous cocktail. The word “Mojito” originates from the base word “mojo”, a lime/citrus based Cuban seasoning. Now, back in the day (oh, sometime in the 1600’s), the quality of the distilled rum was more like fire or “burning water”. Nothing like the smooth varieties now available just about everywhere. (check out our rum guide for more insights)

At that time locals mixed what they had to soften the taste and make it “easier” to enjoy. That would be a combination of mojo sauce/seasoning or lime, sugarcane juice and sugar.

Let’s move forward to current times.

Crafting an exquisite mojito takes a few minutes, and just the right ingredients. Here’s our “secret sauce” if you want to give it try at home, plus we have Alex showing the steps to building the perfect Mojito.


Get a solid mixing glass or sturdy pint glass, unvarnished muddler and follow this approach:

Snag a few fresh Peppermint leaves with soft stems. Take a sprig that has about 6 leaves and associated stems and place in the bottom of the mixing glass.

Add 2 teaspoons of pure Turbinado Sugar (raw sugar). Seriously…do not whip up a simple syrup. Using quality, raw sugar will save you about half the calories and ensure your mojito is not too sweet. Two teaspoons in the base of the glass.

Fresh squeeze ½ lime into the mix, you only want the fresh juice, not the rind.

Gently press down with a couple twists. You do NOT want to break the leaves into small bits. Just enough to release the peppermint oil in with the sugars and lime juice.

Add some ice, a shot (or so) of Key West Legal Rum-Light. Give it a good stir. Add club soda to taste. Garnish with a lime….and…Voilà!

If you’re looking to get your own “mojo” back, come on down here, enjoy our gorgeous evenings at Sunset Pier and stop in for the Best Mojito in Key West!


- 2 teaspoons, Turbinado Sugar

- Fresh Peppermint leafs (at least 6) with soft stems

- Shot (or so) of Key West Legal Rum (light)

- Club Soda

- Ice

- 1/2 lime (fresh squeezed)



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