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Key West Trivia - Come and Stay -- FOREVER

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Dinner on the beach

Key West is a vacation hotspot all year round. The weather is amazing in all seasons, and there truly is, somethng for everyone here. 


Outdoor activities abound; kayaking, paddle boarding, deep sea fishing, jet skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, sightseeing on the water, taking a catamaran to a deserted island, and so much more. 

Or just relax in crystal clear warm turquoise waters, or under shady palm trees swaying in the breeze. Enjoy the breathtaking flora, and fauna across the island.


And let’s not forget the shopping and nightlife on Duval Street, and the fabulous restaurants across this island. Many say Key West is as close to paradise as you can experience. 

But, whether you have traveled to Key West or are contemplating your premier visit, how much do you REALLY know about Key West?

Since today is National Trivia Day, we thought we would pose a short little trivia quiz to test your Key West Island Vibe knowledge. (Answers are provided below…no peeking please!!!)

Key West Trivia

A)  Number of full-time residents in Key West?

  1. 1 to 10,000
  2. 10,001 to 20,000
  3. 20,001 to 30,000
  4. More than 30,000

  B)  The “Duval Crawl” hits how many bars?

  1. 14
  2. 43
  3. 22
  4. 38 

*NOTE: There are quite a few more restaurants that serve alcohol on Duval Street, this count only includes venues that had a distinctive bar separate from the dining room.

C)  Key West month where water temp exceeds air temp?

  1. June
  2. July
  3. August
  4. September

D)  Oldest eatery still open in Key West?

  1. Louie’s Backyard
  2. A & B Lobster House
  3. Two Friends Patio Restaurant
  4. Pepe’s Café

E)  What is the official bird of Key West? 

  1. Pelican
  2. Gypsy Chicken
  3. Osprey
  4. Common Loon

F)  Official drink with alcohol in Key West?

  1. Papa Doble (aka- Hemingway Daiquiri)
  2. Key Lime Martini
  3. Key West Mojito
  4. Rum Runner

G)  1st International flight from Key West?

  1. Was flown by Pan Am (Pan American World Airways)
  2. Was flown by TWA (Trans World Airways)
  3. Was flown by Eastern Airlines
  4. Was flown by American Airlines

H)  1st International flight from Key West?

  1. Flew to Mexico
  2. Flew to Cuba
  3. Flew to England
  4. Flew to Canada

I)  Number of bridges joining Key West to the mainland?

  1. 32
  2. 38
  3. 42
  4. 48

J)  What US president lived in Key West? 

  1. Harry Truman
  2. John F. Kennedy
  3. Dwight Eisenhower
  4. Calvin Coolidge

The following is a tough question so we provided a pretty good hint:

He played first base for the Baltimore Orioles in the 60’s and 70’s. He won the American League Most Valuable Player in 1970 and was part of two World Series championships. (Sources:; and google).

K)  Pro who played baseball at Key West HS?

  1. Jim Gentile  
  2. John ‘Boog’ Powell 
  3. Eddie Murray 
  4. Rafael Palmeiro 

L)  What is the official tree of Key West?  

  1. The Banyan Tree
  2. The Kapok Tree
  3. The Royal Palm
  4. The Royal Poinciana

M)  Largest in area of the Florida Keys?

  1. Key West
  2. Pigeon Key
  3. Key Largo
  4. Stock Island

N)  Longest bridge joining two Florida Keys?

  1. Spanish Harbor
  2. Seven Mile
  3. Nile Channel
  4. Kemp’s Channel

To be fair… we had to ask this question…

O)  Shortest bridge joining 2 Florida Keys?

  1. 900 feet in length
  2. 4,490 feet in length
  3. 360 feet in length
  4. 37 feet in length

P)  Key West’s highest recorded temperature?  Records were only kept from 1948 on.

  1. 90 degrees F
  2. 95 degrees F
  3. 100 degrees F
  4. 105 degrees F

Q)  Key West’s lowest recorded temperature?

  1. 46 degrees F
  2. 41 degrees F
  3. 37 degrees F
  4. 32 degrees F


KW Chicken

Your score doesn’t really matter, but we hope that you can join us for a long weekend, or two or three… or just stay, and become a Key West local, just like our Key West CHICKENS!

Here we go…as promised, the answers to the questions. We hope that you resisted the urge to peek.  And stop on down here whenever you get the chance. Paradise is waiting.

 Cool Scenic Shot


A - 3;   B - 2;   C - 3;   D - 4;   

E - 1;  F -  4;  G - 1;  H - 2; 

I – 3;  J - 1;  K - 2;  L - 4;  

M - 3;  N - 2;  O - 4;  P - 2;  Q - 2;

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