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Our Favorite Schooner…

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Those of you that know us probably think the answer is The Schooner Wharf on the harbor in Key West. Well, that is one our favorite haunts.

But if you like the swashbuckling high seas then check out The Hindu. She is a classic schooner, with great people and the setting for one of our photo shoots.

Built in East Boothbay, Maine in 1925, she is a 79 foot, half-scale replica of a 19th century Newfoundland fishing schooner. With a long, rich history, she can be found at Key West Bight Marina in the winters and Provincetown in the summers.

From being “commissioned” in WWII to support the US Navy in searching for German U-boats to transporting spices from India to Boston to racing in her early days, the Hindu has just about seen it all.

Including some troubled times. (You can’t be 92 and not have a few rough patches!)

After sitting, and deteriorating for a couple of years in a Key West boatyard the Rowan family bought her in 2012. But more important then buying her…they gave her the love, attention and professional restoration to bring her back to her original beauty.

Embracing the spirit of timeless adventure, she was the perfect complement to our collections. Our Key West team managed to set her aside for a few hours one afternoon to capture a few shots with Mark, Tatiana and Brady…and of course, a few Madda Fella classics.

We’re grateful for that opportunity and the outstanding Hindu team working with us. And for the top-notch experience they provide all of their visitors. (Hey, they’ve served guests over 10,000 drinks on her…something must going right!)

There really is nothing so exceptional as pride in workmanship, quality in everything you do and the craftsmanship on display in the renovation of this classic schooner.

When in Key West, she’s just a stone throw down the docks from our other favorite Schooner. (ok, yes… we’ve enjoyed countless afternoons listening to live music and enjoying the surroundings at The Schooner Wharf)

 Whether your heading to our Key West or up to the Cap, remember…it’s about the journey. Be legendary in that journey…your journey.

If you can catch her, give yourself a break and catch a few hours on the Hindu. Let the breeze blow through your hair, sip a favorite beverage, deeply breath in the salt air, and escape for the moment. Always remember: Live Life Now.

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