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Team: Lure for a Cure

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Love this quote: “Maria won’t say it, but she’s currently fighting breast cancer and kicking its ass.”  (click here for the brief interview with Maria)

Whether it’s you or someone close to you, fighting cancer is an absolute battle. Both physically and mentally. This month, so many have given their time and money to activities that are raising both awareness and money to find the cure for breast cancer.

Mid-August each year a very special event is held in the waters off of Ocean City, MD that brings together survivors, fighters, care givers and just down-right good people that “give a damn”. Quite frankly, it’s pure inspiration.

The “Poor Girls Open” is a ladies only billfish release tournament that raises funds for breast cancer research. This year (their 26th), 184 boats with 925 anglers fished and raised money. While there was over a quarter million in prize money, it’s more impressive that $140,000 was raised this year and donated to the American Cancer Society.

The four-day event is about much more than fishing. It’s a huge center of support that brings out the best in people. And, with a big powerful dose of love and humor. The tournament itself raises funds, but there are plenty of other fund raising (and engaging) activities such as “Best Dressed” (I know…it’s a fishing tournament with all of the smelly stuff that goes with it) and the “Battle of the Bras” (best decorated bra), auctions, merchandise and parties. All done with great joy, humor and grit.

While the fund raising is very important, it’s that a huge community from throughout the east coast gathers for this cause. If there was such a thing as a 1,000 person “group hug”, this would be it.

We’ll call it a “big salty hug”.


As this month wraps up, let’s be focused that we’re collectively gaining momentum in this fight and we’re going to beat it…whether it’s one fish at a time, a decorated bra contest, or your donation of time/money.

Stay with it, and we’ll beat it.



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