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Ten Classic Island Movies for the Stranded

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While we all “hibernate” for a bit, here’s our hit list of older classics to help get your mind on islands, blue water, sunshine and the good days to come. Maybe a few of these are on your own list, but maybe a few you’ve forgotten about. 

Swiss Family Robinson: 1960 Disney movie set in the South Pacific. Easy family film.

Heavens Knows, Mr. Allison: 1957 adventure set in WWII South Pacific. Two Oscar nominations.


Island in the Sun: 1957 drama set in the Caribbean. Controversial for its time.

The Old Man & The Sea: Two versions, you decide: Spencer Tracy, 1958 or Anthony Quinn, 1990.

South Pacific: 1958 musical set in WWII South Pacific. Oscar winner.

Robinson Crusoe: 1997 Pierce Brosnan version had most votes on an IMDb poll. Other versions out there.

Zorba the Greek: 1964 drama set in Crete. Won 3 Oscars.

To Catch a Thief: 1955 Hitchcock version. Although set on the French Riviera, it’s still a classic. Oscar winner.

Blue Hawaii: 1961, Elvis. Grammy nominee for Best Soundtrack Album.

Cast Away: We know, but it just had to be on this list. Bunch of nominations & awards.

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