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The Last Slice of Old Key West

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The mid-80s were an amazing time to be alive – hair was bigger, jeans were tighter, and Reaganomics still seemed to have some potential. Beyond all of those quick fading trends, an event took place that would withstand the test of time: The Schooner Wharf came ashore and made itself a permanent home in the middle of Key West’s Historic Seaport.

Thirty years later - the good times, laid-back vibes, and unmatched atmosphere are still alive and well down by the waterside. Just a stone's throw from Shrimp Boat Sounds Studio, the Schooner Wharf makes Jimmy Buffett’s lyrics come to life with indoor and outdoor seating, resident cigar aficionados, and of course - long lists of libations.


That isn’t to say things have stayed the same over in the harbor. The Schooner isn’t the small rambling beach shack it used to be – these days they’re taking full advantage of their prime real-estate and giving anyone in search of a little R&R (Rum & Rhythm) plenty of elbow room. The traditional bar room, which is always overflowing with locals, out-of-towners and the usual salt stained list of suspects, leads the way to a waterfront patio and event space. The second floor boasts wide-open balconies and a stage that has become legendary over the years for all types of beach talent.

The oldies never seem to age at the Schooner Wharf – where Key West staples like musician Michael McCloud and magician Frank Everhart entertain patrons throughout the week. Together they’ve been there since almost the beginning and makeup just part of the non-stop entertainment train that regulars have come to expect at the Schooner.


The Schooner Wharf boasts itself as “The last little slice of Old Key West,” a title it takes pride in and undeniably has earned. While things have continued to grow and change its core values have remained the same – and in a world overrun by the letters I-P-A and manufactured dive bars - that’s a rare occurrence.  Whether you are in need of an easy-going guitar riff, a signature frozen cocktail or maybe just a bucket of the best-steamed seafood on the block…why not wander down to this seaside sanctuary?

They may not keep the top-shelf liquor hidden in a filing cabinet anymore, but there’s still plenty of character to go around at this Key West institution. Just set your sights for the topsails and sunsets and you’ll find your way there – no need to rush, we are sure The Schooner isn’t going anywhere for at least another 30 years.

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