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Wear Linen Clothing Year-Round

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two linen accents

One fabric that can be worn any day of the year is linens. Yes, linens!! As you may already know, linen is a highly breathable fabric that is durable, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic. It is a ‘smart’ fabric that adapts to your bodys temperature helping to keep you comfortable in warm and cool conditions. A feature you may not know is that linen insulates well, making it an excellent choice for layering.

Gray Linen

When going out to dinner, linens are the perfect option under a blazer. We offer a variety of shirts in solid colors, and of course in white, to go with any sports jacket in every season. And if you have a solid jacket color, maybe go for a beautifully crafted linen accent shirt to add a little panache to your style.

When hitting the dance floor at special occasions like New Year's, a wedding, or Valentine's Day, you don’t want your attire to be covered with sweat. For these types of gatherings, linen’s wicking and breathability set it apart from all other fabrics.

Guayabera 2

We even offer the unique Cuban-styled linen Guayabera shirt, with subtle, intricate flamingo designs crafted into the vertical pleats, and four front pockets.

Linens are ideal when taking in the sights on a carefree evening with that certain someone. Wear it under your favorite vest or jacket during your daily stroll or while sitting by the fire pit with friends on a crisp evening. Even if you need to wear that puffer jacket, wear linen underneath it and you won’t be a ball of sweat when you take it off. Wool and even cotton don’t have nearly the same ventilation as linen to keep you warm, and sweat-free.

If the weather is foul, and you need to throw on some boots, or hiking shoes to get around, then a pair of linen parts are an excellent accompaniment. Linen pants are naturally loose-fitting, so will work perfectly over ankle-high hiking shoes or boots, providing a stylish look to go with your stable, secure footwear.

In tropical climates, linens are the natural choice almost every day. In Key West for example, the temperature has never fallen below 41 degrees, so, in the Florida Keys, and Southwestern states, the winter wardrobe may mean wearing a long-sleeved linen shirt out to dinner instead of short sleeves.

Linen beach pants

Folks in this climate might ditch the linen shorts in favor of linen pants on those ‘frigid’ 50-degree nights 😊.

We have taken the guesswork out of caring for your linens as well. Check out this link on how to wash and care for your linens. You will see that linens are just as easy to care for as any other fabric.

shorts and shirt linen

No matter the season, stay comfortable year-round in linen shirts, shorts, and pants. Linen is the all-weather fabric of choice no matter your locale. At Madda Fella we have the ultimate selection of linen men’s clothing for everyday wear, and those extra-special events.

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