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Ooops, I did it again…

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Sounds like the start of an old Brittany Spears song, doesn’t it?

Have you ever whomped yourself on the side of the head and loudly asked….What the heck am I doing? Well…I am having one of those moments.

Here’s the nuts and bolts, as well as the big picture.

The short story is that my daughter Grace has challenged me to compete with her in a Triathlon this fall. Yikes! Last time I did this with her I ended up with an ambulance ride to the ER.

So of course, given that near death experience I said, “… sure, let’s do it.” No idea why those words rolled so easily off my lips…ever have one of those moments? It’s like a week later and you’re thinking…did I say yes, or was that some weird nightmare.

I have other plans the next few months…peacock bass fishing up the Amazon, still need to catch a black marlin and short-bill spearfish to complete the Royal Slam, and the annual summer Tiki bar tour up the coast (more on that later). And, absolutely number 1…rolling out our summer and fall collections for you.

Dang…the training and discipline required to do one of those puppies is pretty heavy…bunch of swimming with sea nettles, bike riding with bugs flying up your nose and knocking down the road miles on the old Jack Purcell’s.

Let’s see…couple months of sea nettles and nose bugs vs. the Summer Tiki Bar Tour…what would you do?

Yeah, thought so…nettles and bugs.

(Although the Summer Tiki Bar Tour had great stops starting with the pier bar at Ocean Key Resort in Key West and moving north through Monty’s in Coconut Grove, to the Square Grouper in Jupiter up through the southern coastal beach towns in Georgia, the Carolina’s, Virginia Beach, then hitting Harpoon Hannah's on Fenwick Island, up through the classics on the Jersey shore and so forth to the Cape.)

So here we go, starting up the training sequence. This is the way it goes, right? Daughters have undo influence over their Papa’s.

On the other hand, I am grateful that Grace wants to do a Tri with me. That really is what it’s about…time and how we spend it.

The side benefit is that I’ll get the old buns back into shape; the most important is that she and I will create a life moment…and that’s priceless.

Maybe there is a challenge in here for each of us…what are you doing to create those life moments…the snapshots that become the portfolio of how you lived.

Not just taking time to smell the roses…but dig the damn hole, plant it, nurture it and grow your own rose bed.

There’s more satisfaction in the doing versus the watching….regardless of what that “doing” happens to be. In my case, it’s gearing up for a Tri, for you it’s something different.

The secret sauce of life is in the doing. More then just doing…doing the right thing…and good things will happen.

Although this time we're going to try to avoid a trip to the ER.

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