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Welcome to our Journal

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We’ll post future updates here as well as share topics and adventures we think will be of interest to you (…well, they are at least of interest to us)!

A little about us: we believe in making a difference. You’ll find that we love life, adventure and enjoy bringing you legendary clothing, styles and fabrics. As reflected in our “About Us” section, our brand originated from the beautiful surroundings of Key West. We’ve played, lived and fished in this area on and off for the past decade. As a result, our clothing collection is infused with a hint of salty elegance for all of your coastal adventures. Whether you're an island hopper, a shallow water crabber, a deep-sea angler, or just a beach bum, we have the best goods out there, made just for you.

We are a group of people that give a damn, are passionate, demand quality in all aspects of our business, are engaged in life, and, in some small way, want to motivate you to look at how you live you life and to feel good in our brand.

The Conch Republic has a motto that is prevalent across the island: “One Human Family.” In our corporate and charitable work over the past several decades, we’ve found that one group within this human family deserves our utmost respect and attention—Veterans and their families.

There is one charity that we here at Madda Fella deeply believe in and support. It is TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors). We’ve known the founder, Bonnie Carroll, since she started TAPS. Bonnie and her team do incredible work with the children and family survivors of the men and women who defend us. We are grateful for our freedoms and humbled by the sacrifices so many have made that enable us to live this wonderful life, so we proudly sponsor the “Good Grief” camp for kids. Learn more at

As we live by the “One Human Family” motto, we also deeply care about the environment and preserving it. We support conservation efforts and are lifetime members of the International Game Fish Association.

The Madda Fella team comes from the crosswalk of America and we treat our team as One Human Family. We can’t wait to share our thirst for life with you! Engage with us. It’s a journey…and a beautiful one.


The Madda Fella Team

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