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The Best Guacamole Recipe

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National Guacamole Day is September 16th! As if we needed an excuse to eat the most delicious, diverse dip there ever was. It’s great with chips, tacos, on fish, by the spoonful - the possibilities are endless! 

To celebrate, we are going to whip up our favorite recipe. This recipe is sure to be a crowd favorite. (We have tested it on several crowds and everyone raves about it) So, grab the molcajete and let’s make some guacamole! 

What you’ll need:


3-4 Garlic Cloves

Red Onion

Roma Tomatoes (or any tomato you have laying around)

Jalapeno - the amount of these is based on how spicy you want it



Black Pepper 

Place the garlic in the molcajete. Of course, if you don’t have molcajete you can use a bowl, but the molcajete adds a level of authenticity. I typically just take the whole garlic and mash it with the mortar over and over again. If you like yours a little finer, chop it up before adding it.

Squeeze a little bit of lime on the garlic.

Chop up your red onion then add it to the garlic. Grind these together.

Dice the tomatoes. Add them to the red onion and garlic and mix them up. If using the molcajete just use the pestle to mix it.

Add diced jalapeños and repeat the mixing.

Add avocados. The amount of avocados really depends on the amount you want to make. I typically do three or four. 

Mix all the ingredients

Top with salt, black pepper, and lime.



Looking for tricks to keep your guacamole fresh longer? Throw red onions on top and then cover with saran wrap.


Eat Guacamole In Style

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