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Toasts for St. Paddy’s Day…

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In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve armed you with a few Irish toasts to lead your team. Enjoy, be responsible, and hope to see you down here. If you do, you need to enjoy a few moments in Irish Kevin's. Everyone is Irish on St. Pat's Day!

Here ya go:

"May you always have a clean shirt, a clear conscience, and enough coins in your pocket to buy a pint!"

"May the winds of fortune sail you,
May you sail a gentle sea.
May it always be the other guy
who says, 'this drink's on me.'"

"Here's to a long life and a merry one.
A quick death and an easy one.
A pretty girl and an honest one.
A cold pint-- and another one!"

"When we drink, we get drunk.
When we get drunk, we fall asleep.
When we fall asleep, we commit no sin.
When we commit no sin, we go to heaven.
So, let's all get drunk, and go to heaven!"

"My friends are the best friends
Loyal, willing and able.
Now let’s get to drinking!
All glasses off the table!"

"May the saddest day of your future be no worse
Than the happiest day of your past."

“Lend me ten dollars and I'll buy you a drink.”

“May the hinges of our friendship never grow rusty.”

“Here's to eyes in your heads and none in your spuds."

"May the face of every good news 
And the back of every bad news 
Be toward us.”

“May the rocks in your field turn to gold.”

“Here's to absent friends and here's twice to absent enemies.”

“I drink to your health when I'm with you,
I drink to your health when I'm alone,
I drink to your health so often,
I'm starting to worry about my own!”

“May your glass be ever full.
May the roof over your head be always strong.

...and may you be in heaven half an hour before the
devil knows you're dead.”

“May you live to be a hundred years with one extra year to repent.”

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