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Summer Essentials

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Islander Key West EditedIslander Hibiscus Edited

It’s that time of year, transitioning from spring’s April showers and May flowers to the hot steamy summer months now through September. We need to be ready for those toasty warm days ahead, the occasional cold front that drops the temperatures and brings along some severe storms.

Here are some summer essentials to get you through the wild wacky weather that summer can dish out.


Let’s start with activewear options, for those who love to get outdoors and get in touch with nature on land and sea.

Heading out for a swim at the shore, lake, river, or pool? Grabbing the kayak, paddleboard, or windsurfing board? Our Sandbar Swim Trunks are a ‘must-have’ when you are going to enjoy the water. Made of 100% microfiber polyester, they’re lightweight, with an inner lining, and naturally quick-drying. Comfortable both in and out of the water, with front and back pockets for your convenience.

The perfect complement to the Sandbar Trunks are our Graphic Tees, made from 100% cotton. So comfy, available in short and long sleeves, with plenty of cool inspirational designs and colors to choose from. 

Green Suntek Chicken HoodieSuntek Tee Mermaid India Ink

If you are heading out for a day of fishing, be sure to have our Suntek Tees and Hoodies on hand. You need something lightweight and moves with you, and these Sunteks fit the bill. Their SPF 50 sun protection keeps your skin from frying up like a piece of bacon on a hot griddle. Add one of our Hats to protect your face from the sun’s rays and you are set.

All Terrain Hunter

Bottoms for fishing can be a tough choice. The ideal solution is our All Terrain Shorts. They have loads of pockets, with a proprietary fabric that is quick-drying. If you do get them a bit wet when reeling in the catch of the day, you and your All Terrains will be ready when you bring in your next catch. (Great for casual wear too!) 

Castaway edited

It’s also a good idea to bring along one of our Castaway Shirts. It effortlessly wards off those cool early morning and evening breezes or when the boat engines are running wide open.

If you are located in a more landlocked area and prefer hiking, rock climbing, or even just love to explore the great outdoors, never fear, we have you covered. Our Buccaneer Cargo Shorts have a poplin weave of extremely durable cotton that will stand every test the wilderness throws at you. Paired with one of our Marquesas tees, with zig-zag stitching on the back graphics, you’ll be set for any adventure. (Oh, and don’t forget the bug spray!!!)

Hurricane Hunter Blue

Summer can bring some nasty weather too.  Be prepared for those occasional weather challenging days with our Hurricane Hunter Windbreaker. It provides protection not only from rain but wind as well. A built-in hood provides a great defense against the elements. Designed for protection, in three color combinations, it is versatile and light, for those not so perfect days.


We’ve focused on the outdoor activities, but what about the fun casual essentials? The cookouts, the walk on the beach, cocktails at five, or dinner out with your besties. We’ve got you covered there as well.

This year we have introduced our Cotton Dobby and Caipirinha shirts.  Two fabulous choices for all casual settings. 

Cotton DobbyCaipirihna

The Cotton Dobby (left) has seersucker styling with accented cuffs and collar that provides a touch of elegance while bringing out your fun, casual spirit.  

The Caipirinha (right) has a lyocell/cotton blend, that captures the essence of its Brazilian origins. Its blue-accented cuffs and collar produces a soothing look and feel. 

Pair these fantastic shirts with either of our Linen Drawstring Pants or Truman Linen Shorts, for total comfort no matter what the temperature or time of day.

Red and Green Sun Setters with Linen

When you feel like living on “Island Time”, make a statement with our Sun-Setter Oxford Shorts. These cotton shorts, in four uniquely tropical patterns, bring comfort to a whole new level. Pair each with our Ernest Linen Accent Shirts and you will be catching everyone’s eye. This combination is best described as smart, snappy, and chic… the ‘Fellas’ just call it awesome.

We may have saved the best for last with our array of Camp Shirts, which are as diverse as the materials they are built from. 

Our Islander Camp Shirts are 100% viscose providing a luxurious finish in a lightweight fabric. Perfect when the heat is on, or when you just want to render a Caribbean vibe. 

Catamaran and Train

Several new designs of our Catamaran Camp Shirts provide a slightly dressier look, with their button-down collar and soft, durable pre-washed cotton fabric. Lively, fun microprint designs add a festive flair that will definitely turn heads no matter the occasion. 

Camp Shirt Island Escape

Be sure not to miss our newly released Key West Camp Shirt. Its cotton/bamboo blend produces an awesomely soft, smooth feel. With a “sunset over the island” print, it truly captures the laid-back ambiance of the tropics. 


As you can see, summer does offer many attire challenges. From baking heat to thundering downpours, we have to be ready for anything. Check out these items, and the rest of the menswear we have to offer. From casual gatherings and outdoor adventures to evening celebrations Madda Fella has you covered no matter what the occasion. parting tip from the ‘Fellas’. Although we have never been invited for ‘afternoon tea’. If this does ever occur, we do recommend that when sipping the tea…pinky up!!! 

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