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Numbers & Your Super Power

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If you believe in the karma of numbers, this is your year. Add up the digits in 2-0-1-8 and you get 11. Won’t happen again until 2027, so maybe that big life change starts now.

This is your life, your year, and now is your “tomorrow”.

There is no…I’ll get to it later.

There is no “I’m going to _______”.  You can fill in that blank with what’s important to you: Quit smoking, drop some lbs., start a new career, get into a better relationship, climb Kilimanjaro, write that book…or at least that article you are passionate about, go deep sea fishing, take that trip of a lifetime, spend more “me” time, volunteer, give a little more of yourself.

Your focus shifts to making a difference, in you. In how you see this year and what’s going to be different? One subtle change in your mindset.

Your mantra becomes, “I am ____”. Present tense, start now. Take one step and make it real.

One of my most “uh-oh” moments came when my words went from, “I am going to climb Kilimanjaro.” to “I booked my trip to Kilimanjaro.” At that moment, it was real. Oops… I needed to start training, to select gear, etc. Action happened when it changed from “going to” to “am doing”.

I get it. Life is busy, lots of responsibilities, and that nose just gets “ground down by the stone”.

Remember this: You are not finished. There is more for you to accomplish and do.

There’s also a superpower within you.

Within you, within each of us, is a switch that drives a better you. Sometimes finding that switch just takes turning a flashlight on and looking hard at ourselves.

That’s where it starts…inside you. You know what you need to do.

A thousand self-help books won’t get you there…but you can.

Do this: What is the one, just one, major change that needs to happen to make you a better you? What three actions do you need to take to start that change?

Right now, just get that first domino pushed and know what the two actions after that first one are. Get the right momentum going and good things will start happening.

This is your year. It’s all lining up your way, “Carpe Annum”! (seize the year)

And along that incredible journey take a little time and catch some of our Key West sunshine!

Hope to see you, and please - one last reminder:

You are not finished…make a difference.

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