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We are very grateful for the tremendous support of our customers and our colleagues. That support is the foundation of our company. As many know, we are a small, growing business in a sea of “killer whales”.

The soul of our small business, and the passion and energy we draw from, comes from each of you. Here’s a snapshot of 2017.

Hurricane Irma: Across the Caribbean and in the Keys, September brought Irma. It also brought out the very best in soo many people. In response to inquiries we were getting from customers and colleagues, we launched a social media campaign that highlighted validated charities working in the Keys. The response was nothing less than outstanding. Over $50,000 was raised through your response and generosity. If end of year giving is in your plans, please consider this list.

Customer Reviews: We’re humbled by the reviews our company has received this past year. In 2017, we switched our customer review process to an independent company (yotpo). This service validates all reviews and ensures independence and direct customer feedback. Ninety-Six percent (96%) of 483 reviews were 5 and 4 stars. Those that weren’t gave us good feedback to work on.

Outlet Store: Spring of 2017 we opened our first outlet store in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Great team and wonderful customers come through. If you are in the area, stop in and catch some “Key West” sunshine.

Key West Partner: Our exclusive partners in the lower keys and Key West, Ocean Key Resort and Little Palm Island embody the true sense of partnership. We supported employees of Little Palm after the destruction of Irma hit that gorgeous setting so hard. (they are in the midst of a major rebuild right now). If you pass through Key West this next year, swing by Ocean Key, at the base of Duval Street and overlooking Mallory Square. This setting and the people at Ocean Key are just plain “made from the right stuff”.

Collections: We’ve listen to your feedback on styles and what you’d like to see. That input directly impacts new designs. It takes about 6 months from the “drawing board” through the process to final products. We’ll be introducing more linens in 2018 and a few “new” classics that you’ve requested. We’ve also received numerous requests for the introduction of a women’s collection…stay tuned!

Growth: Each year your support keeps us on a 30%+ growth trajectory, tracking us for the Inc. 5,000 fastest growing companies in America. While in and of itself, that’s great. More important to us are the customers that come back and those new to us, and each of our partners. We’re ever mindful to “stay within ourselves” and keep focusing on doing things the right way.

We periodically have our “oops” moments. But in each we always focus on doing what’s right and learning from each. We’re grateful that someone took the time to tell us…no matter how it comes across. And in each, we not just take seriously…but are constantly improving ourselves, processes and service. Your comments, whether in the form of a review, post or email to us ( are invaluable.

In the humblest terms possible…thank you. We’re looking forward to 2018!

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