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Grapefruit Crush Recipe

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Summer is the season of sunshine, the beach, boating on a lake, gentle breezes cooling a warm afternoon…and small indulgences in refreshing beverages. 

Actually, it is somewhat biological. As temperatures rise, our taste buds undergo a subtle shift, craving drinks that are both cool and invigorating. We tend to desire flavors that a bright, citrusy and refreshing. And, summer season encourages some experimentation with flavors that a tangy and tropical, making it the perfect time to indulgence in a refreshing cocktail.

One of our favorites that embodies the essence of summer is the grapefruit crush. Or, any of a series of crushes if you’d like to substitute fruits.

Let’s create the right setting…picture yourself on a balmy evening, sipping a vibrant drink while watching the sun dip below the horizon. Of course, you’ve eased into the evening wearing one of our crush-styled shirts or accented Ernest linens

The Crush you are enjoying is a unique blend of citrusy grapefruit, tangy lime and a hint of sweetness to wash away the day’s challenges. And…a snap to make.

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