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How to Wear White Linen Pants

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The white linen pants outfit screams tropical cool, but pulling it off can feel intimidating. It doesn’t have to be! By using a few simple guidelines, anyone can sport this quintessentially Caribbean look.

Whether you are living the good life in a warm weather spot, or packing for your Caribbean vacation, our Linen Beach Pants in Sail White are essential for your packing list. And choosing what top to wear with white linen pants is easy with these simple tips. 

Once you learn how to pair them up, these pants will be your new vacation uniform and most versatile go-to when you’re seaside. They’ll have you looking fresh and feeling comfortable even on the warmest island days.

Check out our suggestions on what shirts work with white linen pants and find the look that best suits your style.

Go for A White Out
On the hottest of days, only true white-on-white will do. Head-to-toe linen is simple, understated, and timeless. Don’t be afraid to pair a white linen shirt with white linen pants. You can’t go wrong with the Short Sleeve Ernest Linen in Sail White for a look worthy of the legend himself.

For another look or a long sleeve, try the Caipirinha Shirt. Roll the cuffs to show the subtle contrast lining in the cuffs and add a pop of color.

Get Shady
Natural and off-white shades are perfect for another take on an all-white look. Try selecting tops in natural and off-white shades or bright whites to add subtle contrast. 

However, white-on-white doesn’t have to be taken literally. You can choose a shirt in a light breezy shade and still achieve the beachy style of an all white look. Think tops in colors like light pastel blue or coral for a punchy coastal style.

The general rule is to keep it light and breezy! And when the temps really start to soar, opt for white linen shorts to get the same look.

Add Texture

If you’re going for a full white-on-white style, add interest by mixing up fabric textures. The unique woven quality of linen is a ideal choice for this. It pairs just as perfectly with smoother fabrics, like cotton, as it does with other linen.

Want to be prepared for a breezy night? Try adding texture with a  light sweater in a natural color, like our Channel Marker Sweater in Canvas.

Shake it Up
Just like classic black or navy, white can be a great neutral color that goes with anything. Kick it up a notch and try adding a striped shirt or one with a small pattern to add a little color to your all-white ensemble. For an ultra-polished classic summer look, pair white linen pants with a blue and white striped shirt, like our Castaway in India Ink and White Stripe. Or show a little personality and pair white pants with a light colored pattern shirt to add a touch of color.

Roll for Cool
Whether you’re getting dressed for a morning stroll on the beach, adding some beach flare to your look, or showing off a smart pair of shoes, linen pants look great rolled. The bonus: linen looks best when it has some wrinkled texture. 

There are a couple of ways to roll a linen pant leg. The simple way is to just roll them up. Don’t be too careful with it, linen is meant to be slightly untailored and loose.

If you’re looking for a tapered look, slightly pinch the cuff of the leg and lay the pinched fabric down flat against the pant leg, then roll from there. Don’t make them too tight! Again, linen is meant to fit loosely.

Be Adventurous
If you’re like us daring is in your blood, so don’t be afraid to break the rules and try something bolder. If subtlety isn’t your style, go big and pair white pants with a bright pattern. Our Palm Print Catamaran Camp Shirt makes a bold statement.

When it comes to deciding what top to wear with white linen pants, don’t be afraid to embrace your adventurous spirit and show off your style. As we said before, white is a classic neutral, so it offers lots of opportunities to wear it in your own way and let your personality shine.

Like the white linen look, but not ready to try white pants? Opt for a white linen shirt, like our classic Guayabera instead. Pair it with earthy tones like natural linen pants or linen shorts in a muted color, like our Truman Linen Short in Heathered India Ink.

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