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What to Wear to a Barbecue

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When going to a barbecue it is important to strike a good balance between comfort and style. Your outfit should be relaxed and show just how well put together and fashionable you are. Another consideration should be the weather. If it is a sunny hot day, go with lighter fabrics that are breathable, like cotton or linen. If it is going to be cooler or maybe a chance of rain, a light sweater or jacket might be appropriate. 

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Barbeques can run the gamut, they can be a pool barbeque, an afternoon gathering with a little cornhole, or an evening barbeque that ends by the firepit. Let’s tackle each.

Poolside barbeque –

TrunksWhote Rooster Suntek

It is a pool and barbeque party so naturally you need to wear/bring swim trunks, and one that dries quickly, with a tropical pattern. Pair those trunks with a comfortable t-shirt, or an UPF 50 Suntek to keep the sun off your shoulders. Naturally, bring along sunscreen to protect your face from a bad burn.


Afternoon barbecue –

Oranges poplin

The afternoon barbeque goes along with the poolside barbeque except for the swimsuit. Even if you go to a poolside event, you probably want to bring attire when ‘pool time’ is over. So, in either case, the choice is a comfortable pair of linen or cotton shorts. Two options for the shorts are a simple solid color pair of linen shorts or a pair of all-cotton patterned sun-setter oxford shorts that show your fun side. 

Hibiscus Camp

If going with the solid color shorts, then, depending on the temperature, pair them with a colorful short sleeve linen or cotton shirt. You also can’t go wrong in one of our camp shirts with Caribbean patterns, showing off your ‘island-style’ as you toss another ‘four-bagger’ in at cornhole.


If going with the fun patterns shorts, then we recommend either a solid short sleeve linen shirt to keep you comfortable no matter the temperature. Be sure to bring along our lightweight Dockside casual hoodie if the barbeque rolls into the late afternoon when the cool breezes start to pick up just to keep the chill off.  


Evening dinner barbecue – 

Tow guys in linen accents

At evening dinner barbeques we generally step up our game just a touch while keeping comfort and style in mind. Start off with one of our signature linen accent shirts. Linen is truly one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear. And with bold Key West-inspired accent patterns, they are the perfect casual look in a button-down shirt. 

Linen beach pants

If you want to go 'all-linen', then Linen Drawstring Pants and our Truman Linen solid shorts are sure to please. Each with the same comfort and feel of linen, that will have you looking sharp and feeling relaxed all evening long. 


It is a good idea to bring along a lightweight sweater to the evening gathering especially if the crowd remains outside. The perfect choice here is the Channel Marker sweater. Warmth, not sweat is key here. Shown in white, this  sumptuous pullover comes in a vibrant Key West color palette. 


Enjoy –

You can’t put a price on family and friends that you cherish. Barbeques are a great way to relax and enjoy those special times with special people. Maybe bring over a bottle of wine or your favorite bourbon, and enjoy the food, the fun, and the wonderful gathering.


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