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The Key West Songwriters Festival

Want to start your summer off on a good “note”? Look no further than “The Key West Songwriters Festival” May 9th to...

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Celebrate National American Beer Day, The Best Way

The Waterfront Brewery While the wee-little ones are excitedly carving pumpkins, preparing for pillowcases full of candy, and making last-minute...

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The Last Slice of Old Key West

The mid-80s were an amazing time to be alive – hair was bigger, jeans were tighter, and Reaganomics still seemed...

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Irma, Harvey…and “One Human Family”

The stories are pouring out on the tremendous destruction, loss of life, homes and businesses. It’s that moment we rise...

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...found a new dive bar

Found a new dive bar. Well, it’s an old dive bar. There’s this drink in the Delmarva Peninsula that’s pretty...

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The Perfect Gift, For Even the Most Particular Dad

The Beach Bum - We all know that dad, the one who’s got a permanent tan line from his sunglasses...

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